Flora of China
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   56. Arenaria amdoensis  L. H. Zhou
安多无心菜   an duo wu xin cai


Herbs small, glandular pubescent. Roots numerous, conic, slender. Stems erect, densely dichotomously branched at base, proximally yellowish and lustrous, distally green or violet, 2--4 cm, glandular villous. Petiole short; leaf blade saccate, 4--10 × 1--3.5 mm, leathery, both surfaces sparsely glandular villous, base attenuate, margin densely ciliate, apex obtuse. Cymes 3--5-flowered, rarely flower solitary. Pedicel green or brown, 2--7 mm, densely glandular villous. Sepals 5, ovate, 2--3 × ca. 1 mm, leathery, glandular villous abaxially, 1-veined, base broadened, margin narrowly membranous, apex obtuse. Petals 5, white, broadly obovate, 1.5--2 × as long as sepals, apex emarginate or 2-cleft. Stamens 10, longer than sepals; anthers black. Ovary ovoid, ca. 1.3 mm. Styles 2, linear, ca. 1 mm. Fl. Jul.

* River beaches; 4800--5000 m. E Xizang (Amdo Xian).