Flora of China
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   4. Cardamine cheotaiyienii  Al-Shehbaz & G. Yang
周氏碎米荠   zhou shi sui mi ji

Hilliella alatipes (Handel-Mazzetti) Y. H. Zhang & H. W. Li var. macrantha Y. H. Zhang.


Herbs perennial, scapose. Rhizomes ca. 5 mm in diam., with prominent petiolar scars. Rhizomal leaves 2, trifoliolate; petiole 5-30 cm, glabrous; leaflets ovate, 7-18 × 4-5 cm, adaxially glabrous, abaxially sparsely hirsute with thick trichomes 0.5-0.8 mm, base of terminal leaflet cuneate, that of lateral ones oblique, margin repand to repand-crenate, sparsely ciliate with trichomes 0.1-0.2 mm, apex obtuse or acute; lateral veins ending with mucros 0.3-0.5 mm; petiolule of terminal leaflet 0.6-1.5 cm, that of lateral leaflets 2-6 mm; cauline leaves absent. Scapes 15-30 cm, glabrous, leafless. Racemes few flowered, ebracteate, corymbose. Flowering pedicels slender, 2-3.5 cm, glabrous. Sepals ascending, oblong, 5-6 × 2.5-3.5 mm, erect, slightly saccate at base, glabrous. Petals white, oblong, 1.5-1.7 cm × 5-8 mm, erect, apex rounded; claw 1-2 mm. Filaments white, erect, median pairs 6-7 mm, lateral pair 5-5.5 mm; anthers oblong, ca. 2 mm. Ovary narrowly linear, glabrous. Fruit and seeds unknown. Fl. Feb.

* About 1000 m. SE Yunnan (Malipo Xian).

A very distinct species at present known only from the type collection, C. W. Wang 86836 (holotype, KUN; isotype, IBSC).


周氏碎米荠 Cardamine cheotaiyienii