Flora of China
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   13. Asteraceae Tribe ATHROISMEAE  ATHROISMEAE
山黄菊族   shan huang ju zu
Authors:Authors: Yousheng Chen & Arne A. Anderberg


Annual or perennial herbs, shrubs, or small trees, sometimes aromatic. Leaves simple, alternate or fasciculate, petiolate or sessile, abaxial surface with or without sessile-glandular trichomes. Capitula terminal, in corymbiform cymes, or solitary, sometimes congested, glomerule-like or in rounded secondary capitula, pedunculate, sometimes sessile, radiate, disciform, or discoid. Phyllaries 1-4-seriate, sometimes much reduced or absent, herbaceous, subequal or gradate. Receptacles convex to conical, sometimes subglobose to globose, paleate or epaleate. Ray florets when present female; corollas yellow or white. Anthers usually ecalcarate, shortly caudate or not caudate, rarely tails well developed and branched; endothecium with polarized thickenings. Achenes brown or black, obcompressed to subterete, sometimes with thickened striations or ribs, sometimes with a proliferation of spongy cells apically, glabrous or with ciliate lateral ridges and glandular trichomes, sometimes with apically arcuate twin trichomes. Pappus of awns or variously lacerate scales, a crown of twin trichomes, sometimes with 2 awns, or absent.

Six genera and ca. 59 species: mostly in E Africa, a few species in W Africa, S and SE Asia, and Madagascar; one species in China.