Flora of China
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   2. Asteraceae Tribe ECHINOPEAE  ECHINOPEAE
蓝刺头族   lan ci tou zu
Authors:Authors: Zhu Shi & Werner Greuter


Herbs, perennial or rarely annual. Leaves alternate. Synflorescence a compact globose pseudocephalium. Capitula with 1 floret, surrounded by crowded bristles at base. Phyllaries imbricate. Floret bisexual. Corolla actinomorphic. Stamen filaments glabrous; anther sagittate, with short basal appendages; connective with a sterile apical appendage. Style branches divergent, linear. Achene cylindric, angled, densely hairy, lacking an apical rim surrounding pappus insertion. Pappus of scales, inserted directly on upper edge of achene.

One genus and ca. 120 species: Africa, Asia, Europe; 17 species (five endemic) in China.