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   10. Asteraceae tribe Gnaphalieae  GNAPHALIEAE
鼠麴草族   shu qu cao zu
Authors:Authors: Yousheng Chen, Zhu Shixin & Randall J. Bayer


Herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs. Stems generally with fibers in phloem, without resin canals. Leaves alternate, rarely opposite, usually entire and tomentose at least abaxially. Capitula heterogamous disciform or homogamous discoid, rarely heterogamous radiate, solitary or variously grouped. Phyllaries generally papery, generally brightly colored or hyaline and with a thickened, cartilaginous basal portion (stereome) composed of compact sclerenchyma. Receptacles generally epaleate or paleate. Female outer florets generally filiform or often absent. Central florets generally bisexual, sometimes functionally male. Anthers ecalcarate, with tails; endothecial tissue almost always polarized. Pollen with 2-layered ektexine comprising an outer columellate layer and an irregularly interlaced basal layer. Style branches with hairs apically, rarely dorsally; stigmatic rows generally separated. Achenes small, oblong to obovoid, usually hairy; pericarp generally with 2, 3, or 5 vascular bundles. Pappus generally of plumose or barbellate to scabrid capillary bristles, occasionally of bristles and scales, only scales, or absent.

About 185 genera and 1,240 species: nearly worldwide, with centers of concentration in S Africa and Australia; 12 genera (one endemic, one introduced) and 121 species (63 endemic, four introduced) in China.

1Receptacle with paleae; outer florets invaginated by paleae.174  Filago    絮菊属
+Receptacle without paleae(2)
2(1)Pappus bristles connate into a ring(3)
+Pappus bristles free or coherent by patent cilia(7)
3(2)Pappus monomorphic(4)
+Pappus dimorphic(5)
4(3)Leaf margins revolute.175  Phagnalon    绵毛菊属
+Leaf margins flat.176  Gamochaeta    合冠鼠麴草属
5(3)Capitula subtended by bracteal leaves.177  Leontopodium    火绒草属
+Capitula not subtended by bracteal leaves(6)
6(5)Plants pulvinate; stolons absent; leaves small, ericoid.178  Sinoleontopodium    君范菊属
+Plants caespitose; stolons present; leaves larger, non-ericoid.179  Antennaria    蝶须属
7(2)Phyllaries brown or hyaline, inconspicuous(8)
+Phyllaries white, yellow, pink, or reddish, conspicuous(9)
8(7)Stereome divided.180  Gnomophalium    垫头鼠麴草属
+Stereome undivided.181  Gnaphalium    鼠麴草属
9(7)Pappus dimorphic.182  Anaphalis    香青属
+Pappus monomorphic(10)
10(9)Outer female florets greater in number than central disk florets.183  Pseudognaphalium    拟鼠麴草属
+Outer female florets fewer in number than central disk florets(11)
11(10)Capitula 2-5 cm in diam., solitary; phyllaries broader, inner ones broadly lanceolate, acuminate at apex, nitid, yellow, white, red, or purple.184  Xerochrysum    蜡菊属
+Capitula 4-6 mm in diam., in corymbs or compound corymbs; phyllaries narrower, acute or rounded at apex, yellow or white.185  Helichrysum    拟蜡菊属