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   12. Asteraceae tribe Inuleae  INULEAE
旋覆花族   xuan fu hua zu
Authors:Authors: Yousheng Chen & Arne A. Anderberg


Shrubs, subshrubs, or herbs. Stems with or without resin ducts, without fibers in phloem. Leaves alternate or rarely subopposite, often glandular, petiolate or sessile, margins entire or dentate to serrate, sometimes pinnatifid to pinnatisect. Capitula usually in corymbiform, paniculiform, or racemiform arrays, often solitary or few together, heterogamous or less often homogamous. Phyllaries persistent or falling, in (2 or)3-7+ series, distinct, unequal to subequal, herbaceous to membranous, margins and/or apices usually scarious; stereome undivided. Receptacles flat to somewhat convex, epaleate or paleate. Capitula radiate, disciform, or discoid. Marginal florets when present radiate, miniradiate, or filiform, in 1 or 2, or sometimes several series, female and fertile; corollas usually yellow, sometimes reddish, rarely ochroleucous or purple. Disk florets bisexual or functionally male, fertile; corollas usually yellow, sometimes reddish, rarely ochroleucous or purplish, actinomorphic, not 2-lipped, lobes (4 or)5, usually ± deltate; anther bases tailed, apical appendages ovate to lanceolate-ovate or linear, rarely truncate; styles abaxially with acute to obtuse hairs, distally or reaching below bifurcation, branches ± linear, adaxially stigmatic in 2 lines from bases to apices (lines confluent distally), apices rounded to truncate, sterile apical appendage absent. Anthers with radial or polarized endothecial tissue. Achenes usually monomorphic within capitula, usually ellipsoid or columnar to prismatic, rarely with short beak, but sometimes abruptly constricted distally, often ribbed, glabrous or hairy, often glandular, hairs not myxogenic; pappus persistent, of ± barbellate bristles, of bristles and short scales, of short scales only, or rarely missing.

About 60 genera and 600 species: nearly worldwide, in both Old and New Worlds; 14 genera (one introduced) and 92 species (16 endemic, four introduced) in China.

1Capitula radiate, disciform, or discoid, florets yellow; marginal florets when present female, radiate (rarely miniradiate or tubular); disk florets bisexual; phyllaries herbaceous or leathery, sometimes leafy; achenes with large oxalate crystals in epide(2)
+Capitula disciform, heterogamous or homogamous; marginal florets filiform or tubular; achenes without large epidermis crystals (subtribe Plucheinae)(8)
2(1)Receptacle with paleae; style branch apex of bisexual florets rounded or truncate.187  Buphthalmum    牛眼菊属
+Receptacle without paleae; style branch apex of bisexual florets broad, rounded(3)
3(2)Pappus absent.188  Carpesium    天名精属
+Pappus present(4)
4(3)Pappus in 2 rows, inner row of barbellate bristles, outer row of short, membranous scales.189  Pulicaria    蚤草属
+Pappus all of barbellate bristles(5)
5(4)Pappus bristles very few, sometimes missing in ray florets.190  Pentanema    苇谷草属
+Pappus bristles numerous; all florets with pappus(6)
6(5)Marginal florets filiform, tubular.191  Blumea    艾纳香属
+Marginal florets radiate or missing(7)
7(6)Ray florets 2- or 3-seriate, lamina 10-45 mm, rarely shorter; anther appendage rounded to acute; endothecial tissue radiate.192  Inula    旋覆花属
+Ray florets 1-seriate, lamina 1-15 mm; anther appendage truncate; endothecial tissue polarized.193  Duhaldea    羊耳菊属
8(1)Capitula in dense globose or elongated secondary capitula(9)
+Capitula solitary, or in sparse compound synflorescence(10)
9(8)Pappus absent.194  Sphaeranthus    戴星草属
+Pappus present.195  Pterocaulon    翼茎草属
10(8)Pappus absent.196  Epaltes    鹅不食草属
+Pappus of capillary bristles(11)
11(10)Phyllaries broad, oval to lanceolate; perennial herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs(12)
+Phyllaries narrow, linear-lanceolate or lanceolate; annual or perennial herbs(13)
12(11)Involucre obovate, broadly campanulate, or hemispheric; herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs.197  Pluchea    阔苞菊属
+Involucre oblong; perennial herbs.198  Karelinia    花花柴属
13(11)Stem generally winged; anthers without tails.199  Laggera    六棱菊属
+Stem not winged; anthers shortly tailed at base.200  Pseudoconyza    假飞蓬属