Flora of China
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   23. Codonopsis gombalana  C. Y. Wu Rep. Yunnan Trop. Subtrop. Fl. Res. Rep. 1: 81. 1965.
贡山党参   gong shan dang shen


Roots carrot-shaped. Stems erect or ascending, 50-160 cm tall, branched at all parts, leafy, lower branches sterile, upper ones fertile. Leaves alternate; petiole slender, 4-17 mm; blade elliptic to narrowly lanceolate, 15-65 × 3-18 mm, both surfaces glabrous, base broadly cuneate to rounded, margin entire, apex acute or obtuse. Flowers solitary and terminal; pedicels 1-3 cm. Calyx tube almost entirely free from ovary or adnate to ovary up to middle, semiglobose, 10-ribbed; lobes linear-lanceolate, 18-20 × 2.5-3 mm, 3-veined, margin entire and slightly recurved, apex acuminate; sinus between lobes broad. Corolla yellow-green with purple veins, tubular-campanulate, ca. 4.5 × 4 cm, 5-lobed; lobes deltoid, ca. 1.6 × 1.6 cm, apex acute. Filaments slightly dilated at base, ca. 1.3 cm; anthers ca. 6 mm. Capsule semiglobose below, conical above; persistent calyx lobes very much enlarged, ca. 2 × as large as at anthesis. Seeds numerous, brown-yellow, subellipsoid, wingless, smooth. Fl. and fr. Jul-Oct.

● Mountain scrub, bamboo thickets; ca. 3600 m. NW Yunnan (Gongshan).