Flora of China
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   28. Codonopsis canescens  Nannfeldt Svensk Bot. Tidskr. 34: 386. 1940.
灰毛党参   hui mao dang shen


Roots carrot-shaped, 20-30 × 1-2.5 cm. Main stems single or several from one root, erect or ascending, 25-85 cm tall, leafy in middle part; branches mostly aggregated in middle part, leafy, usually sterile, densely white villous. Leaves on main stems alternate, those on branches subopposite; petiole less than 2 mm; blade ovate, broadly ovate, or subcordate, 1-1.5 × 0.5-1.2 cm, both surfaces densely white hispidulous, margin entire, apex acute or obtuse. Flowers solitary, terminal on main stems and upper branches; pedicels 2-15 cm. Calyx tube adnate to ovary up to middle, hemispherical, 10-ribbed, densely white hispidulous; lobes ovate to lanceolate, 4-6 × 2-4 mm, densely white puberulent, entire; sinus between lobes broad and obtuse. Corolla pale blue or blue-white, with blue veins at base inside, broadly campanulate, 1.5-1.8 × 2-3 cm, shallowly lobed; lobes deltoid, villous at apex and on abaxial side. Stamens glabrous; filaments slightly dilated at base, 2-2.5 mm; anthers ca. 3 mm. Capsule hemispherical at base, conical toward apex, 0.8-1.5 cm. Seeds numerous, brown-yellow, ellipsoid or oblong, ca. 1 mm, smooth. Fl. Jun-Sep, fr. Sep-Oct.

● Grassy slopes, sunny or stony river terraces; 3000-4200 m. S Qinghai (Nangqên, Yushu), NW Sichuan, E Xizang (Gonjo, Jomda, Markam).