Flora of China
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   125. Berberis pulangensis  T. S. Ying in C. Y. Wu Fl. Xizang. 2: 133. 1985.
普兰小檗   pu lan xiao bo


Shrubs, evergreen, ca. 1.2 m tall. Branches pale yellow, terete, glabrous; internodes 5-10 mm; spines 3-fid, concolorous, 1-1.5 cm. Leaves sessile; leaf blade abaxially grayish green, adaxially dark green, obovate, 1-1.2 cm × 5-10 mm, thinly leathery, abaxially not pruinose, both surfaces with veins obviously raised, base cuneate, margin flat, 1-4-spinose-serrate on each side, occasionally entire, apex mucronate. Inflorescence a subumbel, 2-4-flowered, 1.5-2.5 cm, sometimes with few fascicled flowers at base of peduncle; bracts ovate, apex acuminate. Flowers unknown. Fruit stalk 6-10 mm, glabrous; berry red, oblong-ellipsoid, 8-9 × ca. 4 mm, not pruinose, style not persistent; seeds 4 or 5. Fl. unknown, fr. Jul.

● Mountain slopes; ca. 3700 m. Xizang.