Flora of China
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   6. Coptis quinquefolia  Miquel
五叶黄连   wu ye huang lian


Petiole 2--13 cm, glabrous; leaf blade 5-sided, 2--5 × 2--6 cm, 5-sect, subleathery, abaxially glabrous, adaxially sparsely puberulous on veins, base cordate; lateral segments similar to central one or obliquely ovate, unequally 2-lobed; central segment sessile or subsessile, cuneate-rhombic, 1.8--3.5 cm, 3-lobed, margin acute serrate, apex acute. Scapes 1--3, 5--28 cm tall, glabrous. Inflorescences ca. 4-flowered; bracts lanceolate, margin acute serrate. Sepals 5, elliptic to obovate-elliptic, 4.5--8 × 2.8--5 mm, glabrous. Petals spatulate, 1.6--3 mm, glabrous. Stamens ca. 4 mm. Pistils 10--12. Follicles 4--5 mm, stipe nearly as long as follicle. Seeds ca 1.5 mm. Fl. Mar--Apr, Fr. Apr--May.

Forests. Taiwan [Japan].