Flora of China
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   21. Anemone tomentosa  (Maximowicz) C. P'ei
大火草   da huo cao

Anemone japonica (Thunberg) Siebold & Zuccarini var. tomentosa Maximowicz, Fl. Tangut. 7. 1889; A. elegans Decaisne var. tomentosa (Maximowicz) Handel-Mazzetti; A. vitifolia Buchanan-Hamilton ex de Candolle var. tomentosa (Maximowicz) Finet & Gagnepain; Eriocapitella vitifolia (Buchanan-Hamilton ex de Candolle) Nakai var. tomentosa (Maximowicz) Nakai.


Caudex branched, erect, ca. 10 cm × 4--7 mm, woody. Leaves 3--5; petiole 10--50 cm, pubescent; leaf blade ternate, adaxially strigose, base cordate, subcordate, or rounded, margin lobulate-serrate, apex acute; petiolules 2--5 cm; leaflets slightly oblique, abaxially white tomentose. Scape 40--150 cm, tomentose; cyme 2- or 3-branched, many flowered. Involucral bracts 3; petiole 2--3 cm; bract blade similar to that of leaves, unequally 3-parted or 3-lobed, 3--7 cm. Pedicel 4--7 cm, velutinous. Sepals 5, white or pinkish, obovate or broadly elliptic, 15--20 × 10--20 mm, abaxially velutinous, basal veins 5--9, vein anastomoses more than 10. Stamens 4--6 mm; filament filiform; anther cylindric, ca. 1 mm, apex rounded. Ovary tomentose; stigma oblique, glabrous. Achene body fusiform, 2--3 × ca. 1 mm, lanate, hairs 6--7 mm; style straight, ca. 2 mm, pubescent. Fl. Jul--Oct.

* Open grassy slopes; 700--3400 m. W Hebei, W Henan, W Hubei, E Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, W Sichuan.