Flora of China
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   43. Anemone rupestris  Wallich ex J. D. Hooker & Thomson
湿地银莲花   shi di yin lian hua


Leaves 4--7; petiole 3--10 cm × 1--2 mm, sparsely puberulent or subglabrous; leaf blade twice 3-sect, ovate, 1--5 × 1--6 cm, sparsely puberulent or glabrous, base subcordate; central segment petiolulate (petiolule 5--10 mm), 3-sect or 3-parted, broadly rhombic, secondary segments shortly petiolulate, ultimate lobules narrowly ovate or linear-lanceolate; lateral segments petiolulate (petiolule 2--5 mm) or subsessile, 3-parted or 3-lobed, subreniform. Scapes 2--6, 3--20 cm, sparsely puberulent or subglabrous; cyme 1--3-flowered. Involucral bract blade undivided or 2- or 3-lobed, ovate-oblong, cuneate-obovate, or rhombic, 1--3 cm. Pedicel 1--6 cm, puberulent or glabrous. Sepals 5 or 6(--8), white, blue, or purplish, oblong-elliptic or obovate, dimorphic, 5--10(--14) × 3--6(--8) mm, sparsely puberulent or glabrous, basal veins 3--5, vein anastomoses absent. Stamens brown, 3.5--4.3 mm; filament lanceolate, 0.3--0.4 mm wide; anther light, cylindric, connective dark, narrow. Pistils dark, 2.8--3.3 mm, sparsely puberulent or glabrous; style downcurved. Achene body broadly ellipsoid, compressed, 2.5--4 × 1.6--2 mm, sparsely puberulent or glabrous; ribs 0.2--0.3 mm wide; style slightly curved, sometimes basally bent, conic, 1.2--1.8 mm. Fl. May--Sep.

Rhododendron scrub, slopes, alpine meadows, streamsides, rocky outcrops; 2500--5000 m. NW Sichuan, S Xizang, NW Yunnan, [Bhutan, ?NE India (Assam), Nepal, Sikkim].

1Leaf blade 2--5 × 1--6 cm; scape 10--20 cm; cyme 1--3-flowered; sepals 5 or 6, 8--10(--14) × 4--6(--8) mm; sepals, pistils, and achenes sparsely puberulent43a  subsp. rupestris    湿地银莲花(原亚种)
+Leaf blade 1--1.5 × 1--2 cm; scape 3--12 cm; cyme 1-flowered; sepals 5--8, 5--7 × 3--4 mm; sepals, pistils, and achenes glabrous43b  subsp. gelida    冻地银莲花