Flora of China
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   38. Anemone narcissiflora  Linnaeus
水仙银莲花   shui xian yin lian hua


Leaves 4--9; petiole 5--30 cm, villous or pubescent; leaf blade 3-sect, pentagonal, suborbicular, or orbicular-ovate, 3--7 × 4--12 cm, sparsely pubescent, villous, or subglabrous, margin ciliate; segments petiolulate or subsessile; central segment 3-parted to 3-cleft, rhombic-ovate or broadly rhombic, ultimate lobules ovate to linear; lateral segments unequally 2- or 3-parted, obliquely flabellate. Scapes 1 or 2, 10--50 cm, villous or sparsely puberulent; cyme 1--5(--7)-flowered. Involucral bracts 3 or more; bract blade 3-parted to 3-cleft, broadly rhombic to narrowly obovate, 2--6 cm, usually pubescent. Pedicel 2--5(--8) cm, pubescent. Sepals 5 or 6(or 7), white or yellowish, rarely pinkish, obovate, 12--18 × 6--10 mm, pilose, sparsely puberulent, subglabrous, or glabrous, basal veins 3--9, vein anastomoses 1--3(--5) or absent, base attenuate, apex rounded. Stamens 2--5 mm; filament usually linear, rarely slightly dilated; anther cylindric. Ovary subglobose, compressed, distinctly laterally winged, usually glabrous; style bent, short. Achene body obovoid, 5--8 × 4--6 mm, glabrous, rarely with solitary hairs; wings 0.8--1.4 mm wide; style hooked, 0.8--1.4 mm. Fl. May--Jul.

Picea forests, bamboo thickets on slopes, scrub, alpine meadows, grassy slopes; 1800--4000 m. N Hebei, W Nei Mongol, NW Ningxia, Xinjiang, W Yunnan [Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, N Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia (Siberia), Tajikistan; SW Asia, Europe, North America].

Two subspecies occur in China, while Anemone narcissiflora subsp. narcissiflora is distributed in Europe, subsp. fasciculata (Linnaeus) Ziman & Fedoronczuk in SW Asia (Caucasus), and both subsp. alaskana Hultén and subsp. zephyra (A. Nelson) A. Löve et al. in North America.

1Sepals pilose or sparsely puberulent, vein anastomoses 2 or 3(--5)38a  subsp. protracta    伏毛银莲花
+Sepals glabrous, rarely subglabrous, vein anastomoses absent, rarely solitary38b  subsp. crinita    长毛银莲花