Flora of China
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   30. Anemone hokouensis  C. Y. Wu ex W. T. Wang
河口银莲花   he kou yin lian hua


Rhizome branched, oblique, short, ca. 10 mm in diam. Leaves 2 or 3; petiole 15--30 cm, curved puberulent; leaf blade 3-lobed, cordate-ovate, 10--15 × 8--15 cm, abaxially shortly strigose along veins, adaxially sparsely strigose, base subcordate, margin denticulate, apex acuminate. Scape 40--60 cm, densely curved puberulent distally; cyme 4- or 5-flowered. Involucral bracts 5 or more (rarely to 10), subsessile; bract blade 3-lobed or undivided, rhombic to obovate, 1--1.5 cm, apex acute. Pedicel 1.5--2 cm, densely appressed puberulent. Sepals 5, purple, obovate or narrowly so, 15--20 × 8--14 mm, abaxially basally puberulent, basal veins 7--9, vein anastomoses more than 10. Stamens 2--5.5 mm; filament subfiliform; anther narrowly ellipsoid, ca. 1 mm, apex apiculate. Staminodes present. Pistils glabrous or pubescent; style curved, short. Fl. May--Jun.

* Mountainous regions; ca.1200 m. SE Yunnan (Hekou Yao Zu Zizhixian).


河口银莲花 Anemone hokouensis