Flora of China
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   10. Anemone griffithii  J. D. Hooker & Thomson
三出银莲花   san chu yin lian hua

Anemone caerulea de Candolle var. griffithii (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Ulbrich; A. nanchuanensis W. T. Wang; Anemonoides griffithii (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Holub.


Rhizome prostrate, stolonlike, long, 1--2 mm in diam., also ascending, short, 4--7 mm in diam. Leaves 3--6; petiole 5--8 (--15) cm, subglabrous, base sheathing, surrounded by fibrous remnants; leaf blade ternate, rhombic, 2--4 × 3--4 cm, sparsely appressed puberulent; petiolules 2--5(--7) mm; central leaflet 3-lobed, rhombic or rhombic-ovate, base broadly cuneate, margin subacutely serrate or incised, apex acute; lateral leaflets unequally 2-parted or 2-lobed, obliquely flabellate. Scape solitary, 5--15(--20) cm, sparsely puberulent distally; cyme 1- or 2-flowered. Involucral bracts 3; petiole 5--10(--25) × 1--2 mm; bract blade ternate, similar to that of leaves but larger, 2--5 × 3--6 cm, sparsely puberulent; petiolules 1--3 mm; central segment 3-lobed; lateral segments 2-lobed, smaller than central one. Pedicel 2--5(--7) cm, densely puberulent. Sepals 5(or 6), white, pinkish, or mauve, obovate-oblong, 6--8(--10) × 4--6 mm, subglabrous or sparsely puberulent, basal veins 3--5, vein anastomoses absent, rarely solitary. Stamens 3--6 mm; filament filiform; anther ellipsoid. Ovary ovoid, compressed, ribbed, subglabrous; style nearly absent; stigma subglobose. Achene body ovoid, compressed, 3--4 × 2--3 mm, glabrous, ribs 1--2 mm wide; style minute; stigma small. Fl. May--Jun.

Forests, streamsides; 1600--3000 m. C and SE Sichuan (Guan Xian, Nanchuan Xian), S Xizang [Bhutan, N India, ?Nepal, ?Sikkim].