Flora of China
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   39. Anemone demissa  J. D. Hooker & Thomson
展毛银莲花   zhan mao yin lian hua


Leaves 5--10(--15); petiole 5--30 cm, sparsely or densely villous or lanate; leaf blade 3-sect, ovate, broadly so, rhombic-pentagonal, or reniform-pentagonal, 5--8 × 4--6(--12) cm, villous or subglabrous, base cordate or subtruncate, margin ciliate; central segment petiolulate (petiolule 5--15 mm), 3-parted, broadly rhombic or rhombic-ovate, margin incised lobulate, ultimate lobules ovate or triangular; lateral segments subsessile, unequally 2- or 3-parted, smaller than central one, sometimes much more so. Scapes 2 or 3(--5), 5--45(--80) cm, spreading villous; cyme umbellate, 1--5(--8)-flowered. Involucral bracts 3 or 4; bract blade 3-parted or 3-lobed, broadly rhombic or narrowly obovate-oblong, 2--4 cm, pubescent. Pedicel 2--6(--8) cm, pubescent. Sepals 5--7, blue, purple, red, or white, obovate or elliptic, 8--18 × 4--12 mm, sometimes dimorphic (inner ones smaller and of different shape), sparsely puberulent, basal veins 3--7, vein anastomoses 1--3. Stamens 3--5 mm; filament slightly dilated; anther cylindric, 1--2 mm, apex rounded. Staminodes sometimes present. Ovary glabrous or scarcely pubescent, sometimes sterile. Achene body broadly ellipsoid or obovoid, 6--7 × 4--6 mm, glabrous or scarcely pubescent; wings 0.8--1.2 mm wide; style curved, 1.8--2 mm. Fl. May--Jul.

Forests, sparse forests, scrub, grassy slopes, streamsides; 3000--5000 m. S Gansu, S Qinghai, W Sichuan, E and S Xizang, NW Yunnan [Bhutan, N India, Nepal, Sikkim].

1Leaf petiole densely villous or lanate39c  var. villosissima    密毛银莲花
+Leaf petiole sparsely or densely villous.(2)
2(1)Scape 5--10 cm, cyme 1-flowered39b  var. yunnanensis    云南银莲花
+Scape 10--45 cm, cyme few flowered.(3)
3(2)Scape 10--20 cm; leaf blade ovate, to 5 cm wide, lateral segments much smaller than central one39a  var. demissa    展毛银莲花(原变种)
+Scape 20--45 cm; leaf blade usually rhombic-pentagonal, to 12 cm wide, lateral segments smaller than central one39d  var. major    宽叶展毛银莲花

展毛银莲花 Anemone demissa