Flora of China
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   18. Urophysa  Ulbrich
尾囊草属   wei nang cao shu
Authors:Fu Dezhi; Orbélia R. Robinson


Herbs perennial. Rhizomes robust, ± woody. Leaves basal, palmately 3-foliolate, long petiolate; petiole basally sheathed. Scapes usually several. Inflorescences umbellate, 1--3-flowered. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual. Sepals 5, petaloid. Petals 5, base saccate to shortly clawed. Stamens numerous, glabrous; filaments linear-filiform, 1-veined; anthers ellipsoid. Staminodes ca. 7, inserted between stamens and pistils, membranous. Pistils 5(--8); ovary ca. 1/2 as long as style; ovules many. Styles persistent. Follicles ovoid, swollen. Seeds densely rugose.

* Two species.

1Inflorescences 3-flowered; sepals 1--2 cm; petals base saccate, not spurred1  U. henryi    尾囊草
+Inflorescences 1-flowered; sepals ca. 2 cm; petals shortly spurred2  U. rockii    距瓣尾囊草
   Lower Taxon
  • Urophysa henryi  (Oliver) Ulbrich  尾囊草
  • Urophysa rockii  Ulbrich  距瓣尾囊草