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   2. Staurogyne  Wallich Pl. Asiat. Rar. 2: 80. 1831.
叉柱花属   cha zhu hua shu
Authors:Authors: Jia-qi Hu & Thomas F. Daniel

Ebermaiera Nees.


Annual or perennial herbs or small shrubs, without cystoliths. Stems very short or elongate. Leaves in a basal rosette or cauline, opposite (or alternate, especially apically), petiolate or sessile; leaf blade margin entire or nearly so. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, racemes or spikes; bracts opposite or alternate, leaflike or usually well differentiated from leaves; bracteoles present. Calyx 5-lobed almost to base; lobes equal or unequal. Corolla tube cylindric or basally cylindric and apically expanding into a campanulate throat; limb subactinomorphic to 2-lipped, 5-lobed; lobes subequal, patent, descending cochlear in bud. Stamens 4, didynamous, included or anterior pair slightly exserted; filaments usually hairy; anthers 2-thecous; thecae parallel, usually equal; staminode 1 or more, sometimes absent. Ovary with usually 12-60 ovules arranged in 2 or 4 rows per locule; style glabrous; stigmas 2-lobed, sometimes repeatedly 2-lobed. Capsule oblong, many seeded; retinacula absent. Seeds minute, subspherical or cuboid.

About 140 species: tropical regions worldwide; 17 species (eight endemic) in China.

1Bracts pinnately veined(2)
+Bracts not pinnately veined(3)
2(1)Plants to 20 cm tall; leaf blade 2.5-6 × 1-2 cm; spikes ca. 1 cm.7  S. paotingensis    保亭叉柱花
+Plants to 1 m tall; leaf blade 13-17 × 4.5-7 cm; racemes to 15 cm.8  S. rivularis    瘦叉柱花
3(1)Leaf blade base cordate.5  S. chapaensis    弯花叉柱花
+Leaf blade base cuneate, rounded, or attenuate(4)
4(3)Stems very short; leaves forming a basal rosette(5)
+Stems elongate; leaves cauline(7)
5(4)Leaf blade oblanceolate, widest above middle.10  S. concinnula    叉柱花
+Leaf blade ovate-oblong, elliptic, oblong, ovate, or oblong-obovate, widest below middle(6)
6(5)Leaf blade adaxially villous; corolla ca. 2 cm.6  S. sinica    中华叉柱花
+Leaf blade adaxially strigose; corolla ca. 5.5 mm.12  S. strigosa    琼海叉柱花
7(4)Calyx 1.8-2.4 cm; corolla 3-4 cm.4  S. sesamoides    大花叉柱花
+Calyx less than 1.5 cm; corolla less than 2.5 cm (corollas unknown in S. sichuanica and S. yunnanensis)(8)
8(7)Leaf blade linear, 5-9 mm wide, length/width greater than 5.13  S. stenophylla    狭叶叉柱花
+Leaf blade lanceolate, ovate-lanceolate, oblong, or elliptic, usually broader than 1 cm, length/width less than 3(9)
9(8)Calyx lobes spatulate.15  S. petelotii    中越叉柱花
+Calyx lobes linear, lanceolate, or triangular(10)
10(9)Longer pair of stamens slightly exserted.1  S. hypoleuca    灰背叉柱花
+Stamens all included(11)
11(10)Inflorescences all borne on axillary brachyblasts.2  S. longicuneata    楔叶叉柱花
+Inflorescences not all borne on axillary brachyblasts(12)
12(11)Inflorescences terminal only; calyx lobes unequal(13)
+Inflorescences terminal and axillary; calyx lobes subequal or equal(14)
13(12)Bracts adaxially densely pubescent.14  S. yunnanensis    云南叉柱花
+Bracts glabrous or subglabrous.16  S. vicina    密花叉柱花
14(12)Stems suberect or ascending from a decumbent base.17  S. debilis    菲律宾叉柱花
+Stems erect(15)
15(14)Filaments glabrous.11  S. hainanensis    海南叉柱花
+Filaments pubescent(16)
16(15)Peduncles, rachises, and pedicels puberulent.3  S. sichuanica    金长莲
+Peduncles, rachises, and pedicels glabrous.9  S. brachystachya    短穗叉柱花
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