Flora of China
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   4. Spergularia  (Persoon) J. & C. Presl
拟漆姑属   ni qi gu shu
Authors:Lu Dequan; Richard K. Rabeler

Arenaria Linnaeus subgen. Spergularia Persoon, Syn. Pl. 1: 504. 1805; Buda Adanson, nom. rej.; Tissa Adanson, nom. rej.


Herbs annual or perennial. Stems erect, decumbent, or procumbent, dilated at nodes, somewhat flattened. Leaves decussate, linear; stipules pale, scarious, connate around nodes, forming ± triangular structures on either side of stem; leaf fascicles (short, leafy lateral branches) when present borne on only one side at each node. Inflorescence of racemose cymes; bracts immediately subtending calyx absent. Sepals 5, free, green, margin scarious. Petals 5, white or pink, entire. Stamens 2--5 or 10. Ovary 1-loculed; ovules numerous; styles 3. Capsule ovoid, opening by 3 valves. Seeds numerous, flat, winged or not; embryo curved.

About 25 species: N temperate regions, mostly halophytes; four species in China.

1Sepals 5--7 mm; capsule 1.5--2 × as long as calyx; stamens (5 or)10; all or most seeds winged3  S. media    缘翅拟漆姑
+Sepals 1.5--4.5 mm; capsule ca. equaling or slightly longer than calyx; stamens 2--5 or 10; all or most seeds unwinged.(2)
2(1)Leaves fasciculate; stipules lanceolate, silvery; stamens (5 or)101  S. rubra    无翅拟漆姑
+Leaves not or rarely fasciculate; stipules triangular (rarely lanceolate), not silvery; stamens 2--5.(3)
3(2)Capsule 1.5--3 mm, equaling calyx; seeds dark brown to black, unwinged2  S. diandra    二雄蕊拟漆姑
+Capsule 5--6 mm, slightly longer than calyx; seeds light brown, mostly unwinged4  S. marina    拟漆姑
   Lower Taxon
  • Spergularia marina  (Linnaeus) Grisebach  拟漆姑
  • Spergularia rubra  (Linnaeus) J. & C. Presl  无翅拟漆姑
  • Spergularia diandra  (Gussone) Heldreich,  二雄蕊拟漆姑
  • Spergularia media  (Linnaeus) C. Presl ex Grisebach  缘翅拟漆姑