Flora of China
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   64. Solms-laubachia  Muschler
丛菔属   cong fu shu


Herbs perennial, sometimes pulvinate, with well-developed, thick caudex covered with petioles of previous years. Trichomes absent or simple. Stems absent or rarely present and few leaved. Basal leaves petiolate, rosulate, simple, entire. Cauline leaves absent, if present then sessile, entire. Flowers solitary on long pedicels originating from center of rosette, rarely in few- to several-flowered, ebracteate racemes elongated slightly in fruit. Fruiting pedicels slender, erect or divaricate. Sepals oblong, free or rarely united, usually persistent, erect, equal, base of lateral pair not saccate, margin not membranous. Petals purple, blue, pink, or white, suborbicular, obovate, spatulate, or oblanceolate, apex obtuse or emarginate; claw subequaling or longer than sepals. Stamens 6; filaments not dilated at base; anthers oblong-linear, obtuse at apex. Nectar glands 2, lateral, often annular; median glands absent. Ovules 5-10 per ovary. Fruit dehiscent siliques or silicles, linear, oblong, ovate, or lanceolate, latiseptate, sessile, readily detached from pedicel; valves papery, reticulate veined, with a prominent midvein and marginal veins, glabrous or pubescent, smooth, margin angled, apex persistently united with replum; replum rounded, concealed by connate valve margin; septum complete or rarely perforated, membranous, translucent; style absent, obsolete, rarely to 1 mm; stigma capitate, entire or slightly 2-lobed, lobes not decurrent. Seeds uniseriate or biseriate, wingless, broadly ovate or suborbicular, flattened; seed coat reticulate, rugose, or papillate, not mucilaginous when wetted; cotyledons accumbent.

Nine species: Bhutan, China, Sikkim; nine species (eight endemic) in China.

1Flowers in racemes; stems often 1- or 2-leaved; seeds papillate1  S. platycarpa    总状丛菔
+Flowers solitary from a basal rosette; scapes leafless; seeds rugose or reticulate.(2)
2(1)Leaves gray, densely lanate; seeds rugose.(3)
+Leaves green, glabrous or pilose; seeds reticulate.(4)
3(2)Leaf blade lanceolate- to oblanceolate-linear, rarely oblanceolate, retrorsely lanate, 1.5-5(-7) mm wide; fruit valves obscurely veined2  S. retropilosa    倒毛丛菔
+Leaf blade broadly spatulate, oblong, or obovate, spreading or antrorsely lanate, (5-)7-17 mm wide; fruit valves prominently veined3  S. lanata    绵毛丛菔
4(2)Leaf blade 0.3-1(-1.5) mm wide, often grooved adaxially, fleshy, filiform to narrowly linear.(5)
+Leaf blade (1.5-)2-16(-23) mm wide, not grooved adaxially, not fleshy, variable in shape, never filiform, rarely narrowly linear.(6)
5(4)Petioles remaining thickened; longest leaf blades (1.5-)2-4.5(-5.5) cm; fruiting pedicels (1-)1.5-3.5(-4.5) cm; petals (1.5-)1.7-2.2 cm; seeds 2-4 × 2-3 mm7  S. xerophyta    旱生丛菔
+Petioles often becoming papery; longest leaf blades rarely to 1 cm; fruiting pedicels 0.2-0.7(-1) cm; petals 1-1.2 cm; seeds 1-2 mm in diam.8  S. minor    细叶丛菔
6(4)Leaf blade (7-)10-16(-23) mm wide; petiole strongly thickened, subcorky, often purplish4  S. eurycarpa    宽果丛菔
+Leaf blade (1.5-)2-5(-7) mm wide; petiole thin or rarely slightly thickened, papery, often not purplish.(7)
7(6)Sepals united, 2.5-3.5 mm; petals white, oblanceolate, 5-6 × 1.5-2 mm9  S. gamosepala    合萼丛菔
+Sepals free, 5-10 mm; petals purple, pink, or deep to turquoise blue, obovate or broadly so, 12-25 × 4-12 mm.(8)
8(7)Leaves pilose with straight trichomes; petioles membranous, ciliate; fruit (3-)4.5-6.5(-8) cm; seeds 3.5-5 mm6  S. linearifolia    线叶丛菔
+Leaves glabrous or sparsely pubescent with crisped trichomes; petioles usually slightly thickened, not ciliate; fruit 2.5-3.5(-4.5) cm; seeds 2.5-3.5 mm5  S. pulcherrima    丛菔
   Lower Taxon
  • Solms-laubachia eurycarpa  (Maximowicz) Botschantzev  宽果丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia lanata  Botschantzev  绵毛丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia linearifolia  (W. W. Smith) O. E. Schulz  线叶丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia minor  Handel-Mazzetti  细叶丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia platycarpa  (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Botschantzev  总状丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia pulcherrima  Muschler  丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia retropilosa  Botschantzev  倒毛丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia xerophyta  (W. W. Smith) Comber  旱生丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia gamosepala  Al-Shehbaz & G. Yang  合萼丛菔
  • Solms-laubachia zhongdianensis  J. P. Yue, Al-Shehbaz & H. Sun