Flora of China
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   101. Smelowskia  C. A. Meyer
芹叶荠属   qin ye ji shu

Chrysanthemopsis K. H. Rechinger.


Herbs perennial, often pulvinate, with well-developed caudex covered with petioles of previous years. Trichomes dendritic, sometimes mixed with simple and forked stalked ones. Stems erect or ascending, several from caudex, simple or branched apically. Basal leaves petiolate, rosulate, simple, 1- or rarely 2-pinnatisect, sometimes entire, densely pubescent. Cauline leaves shortly petiolate or sessile, not auriculate, entire or pinnatisect. Racemes ebracteate or basally bracteate, elongated in fruit. Fruiting pedicels suberect, ascending, or divaricate. Sepals ovate or oblong, ascending or spreading, base of lateral pair not saccate. Petals white, creamy white, or purplish, longer than sepals; blade suborbicular, obovate, or spatulate, apex rounded; claw subequaling or longer than sepals. Stamens 6, tetradynamous; filaments dilated at base; anthers ovate or oblong, obtuse at apex. Nectar glands confluent and subtending bases of all stamens. Ovules 6-30 per ovary. Fruit dehiscent siliques or silicles, linear, oblong, ovoid, obovoid, ellipsoid, or lanceolate, terete or slightly 4-angled, sometimes angustiseptate; valves with a prominent midvein, smooth; replum rounded; septum complete or perforated; style absent or short and to 1.5 mm; stigma capitate, entire. Seeds uniseriate, wingless, oblong, plump; seed coat minutely reticulate, not mucilaginous when wetted; cotyledons incumbent.

Seven species: three in C and E Asia, three in North America, and one in both areas; two species in China.

Smelowskia bifurcata (Ledebour) Botschantzev was recorded from Xinjiang in FRPS, but the present authors have seen no material to confirm that record.

1Fruit linear to linear-ellipsoid; seeds (or ovules) (12-)14-22 per fruit; fruiting pedicels divaricate; inflorescence often branched1  S. alba    灰白芹叶荠
+Fruit ovoid, pyriform, ellipsoid, oblong, or rarely linear-ellipsoid; seeds (or ovules) 4-10(-12) per fruit; fruiting pedicels suberect, ascending, or rarely divaricate; inflorescence often simple2  S. calycina    芹叶荠
   Lower Taxon
  • Smelowskia alba  (Pallas) Regel  灰白芹叶荠
  • Smelowskia calycina  (Stephan) C. A. Meyer  芹叶荠
  • Smelowskia tibetica  (Thomson) Lipsky