Flora of China
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   20. Semiaquilegia  Makino
天葵属   tian kui shu
Authors:Fu Dezhi; Orbélia R. Robinson


Herbs perennial. Roots tuberous. Leaves basal and cauline, 1-ternately compound. Inflorescences monochasial straight or scorpioid cymes; bracts small, 3-parted or undivided. Flowers actinomorphic. Sepals 5, petaloid. Petals 5, basally gibbous. Stamens 8--14; filaments filiform, basally slightly thickened; anthers yellow, broadly ellipsoid. Staminodes ca. 2, as long as filaments. Pistils 3 or (4 or)5. Style ca. 1/6--1/5 as long as ovary. Follicles widely divergent, glabrous, apically with a small beak. Seeds brown to black-brown, densely rugose.

One species: China, Japan, Korea.

   Lower Taxon
  • Semiaquilegia adoxoides  (de Candolle) Makino  天葵