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   14. Schizopepon  Maximowicz Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. St.-Pétersbourg Divers Savans. 9 [Prim. Fl. Amur.]: 110. 1859.
裂瓜属   lie gua shu
Authors:Authors: Anmin Lu & Charles Jeffrey


Herbs, scandent. Stem and branches slender. Tendrils 2-fid. Leaves long petiolate; leaf blade ovate-cordate or broadly ovate-cordate, rarely hastate, margin irregularly dentate, usually 5-7-lobed. Plants dioecious or monoecious; flowers small, unisexual or rarely bisexual. Male flowers usually in a raceme; female flowers solitary or few in a raceme; calyx tube cupular or campanulate; segments 5, lanceolate or subulate; corolla segments 5, white, ovate; stamens 3, free or connate; filaments short; anthers: one 1-celled, two 2-celled; anther cells erect; connective produced or not; ovary ovoid or conical, 3-locular or irregularly 3-locular, 1 ovule in each locule; ovule pendulous; style short, 3-fid or sometimes 5-fid; stigma slightly expanded, 2-lobed. Fruit small, ovoid or conical, smooth or punctate, apex acute or long acuminate, 3-valved or indehiscent, 1-3-seeded. Seeds pendulous, ovate, compressed, margin irregularly dentate.

Eight species: E Asia to the Himalaya; eight species (five endemic) in China.

1Fruit conical, apex acuminate, rostrate; connective produced, subulate, rarely not produced; ovary irregularly 3-locular, ovule pendulous from middle of locule(2)
+Fruit ovoid or ovate, apex acute; connective not produced; ovary 3-locular, ovule pendulous from apex of locule(4)
2(1)Connective not produced.6  S. bomiensis    喙裂瓜
+Connective produced, appendage subulate(3)
3(2)Leaf blade ovate-cordate, usually unlobed, papery.7  S. bicirrhosus    新裂瓜
+Leaf blade hastate, 5-lobed, membranous.8  S. xizangensis    西藏裂瓜
4(1)Flowers bisexual; stamens free.1  S. bryoniifolius    裂瓜
+Flowers unisexual; plant monoecious or dioecious; stamens connate(5)
5(4)Plants monoecious; male and female flowers in same inflorescence, with many male flowers above and 1 or 2 female flowers below; filaments connate, anthers free; ovary and fruit smooth.2  S. monoicus    峨眉裂瓜
+Plants dioecious(6)
6(5)Filaments and anthers both connate; flowers larger; calyx segments ca. 3 mm; corolla segments ca. 9 mm.5  S. macranthus    大花裂瓜
+Filaments connate, anthers free or connate at base(7)
7(6)Pedicels 2-5 mm; flowers small; calyx segments ca. 1 mm; corolla segments 2-3.5 mm; fruit punctate.3  S. dioicus    湖北裂瓜
+Pedicels 5-10 mm; flowers slightly larger; calyx segments ca. 2 mm; corolla segments 3-5 mm.4  S. longipes    长柄裂瓜
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