Flora of China
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   1. Sagittaria  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 2: 993. 1753.
慈姑属   ci gu shu

Lophiocarpus (Kunth) Miquel (1870), not Turczaninow (1843); Lophotocarpus T. Durand; Sagittaria sect. Lophiocarpus Kunth.


Herbs, aquatic, often stoloniferous and tuberiferous. Leaves aerial, floating, or submerged, linear, lanceolate, deeply cordate, or sagittate. Inflorescences usually of 3-flowered whorls each with 3 bracts. Flowers unisexual or polygamous, upper ones male, with longer and slender pedicels, lower ones female or bisexual, with shorter and thickened pedicel. Stamens (6-)9 to numerous. Carpels numerous, spirally arranged, each with 1 ovule; styles apical or subadaxial. Achenes laterally compressed, margins usually winged, with an apical or lateral stylar beak.

About 30 species: tropical and temperate regions; seven species (two endemic) in China.

1Persistent sepals not reflexed after anthesis(2)
+Persistent sepals reflexed after anthesis(4)
2(1)Leaves floating or submerged, floating leaves broadly ovate to cordate-ovate; flowers polygamous; achenes with cristate wing.1  S. guayanensis    冠果草
+Leaves aerial or submerged, sagittate or lanceolate; flowers unisexual; achenes without cristate wing(3)
3(2)Aerial leaves linear-lanceolate; female flowers without or only with very short pedicel.6  S. tengtsungensis    腾冲慈姑
+Aerial leaves sagittate; female flowers pedicellate.4  S. lichuanensis    利川慈姑
4(1)Leaves sessile or only with very short petiole, linear or subspatulate; achenes cristate on back.7  S. pygmaea    矮慈姑
+Leaves petiolate; achenes not cristate on back(5)
5(4)Leaves floating or submerged.2  S. natans    浮叶慈姑
+Leaves aerial or submerged(6)
6(5)Achenes with an adaxial beak; aerial leaves elliptic to ovate or sagittate, submerged leaves lanceolate; stolons usually lacking.5  S. potamogetonifolia    小慈姑
+Achenes with an apical beak; leaves sagittate.3  S. trifolia    野慈姑
   Lower Taxon
  • Sagittaria pygmaea  Miquel  矮慈姑
  • Sagittaria guayanensis subsp. lappula  (D. Don) Bogin  冠果草
  • Sagittaria lichuanensis  J. K. Chen  利川慈姑
  • Sagittaria natans  Pallas  浮叶慈姑
  • Sagittaria tengtsungensis  H. Li  腾冲慈姑
  • Sagittaria trifolia  Linnaeus  野慈姑
  • Sagittaria potamogetonifolia  Merrill  小慈姑
  • Sagittaria trifolia subsp. leucopetala  (Miquel) Q. F. Wang  华夏慈姑
  • Sagittaria trifolia subsp. trifolia    野慈姑(原亚种)