Flora of China
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   7. Polycarpaea  Lamarck
白鼓钉属   bai gu ding shu
Authors:Lu Dequan; Michael G. Gilbert

Polia Loureiro, nom. rej.


Herbs or subshrubs, annual or perennial. Stems erect or diffuse. Leaves opposite or falsely verticillate with axillary clusters of leaves, sessile or petiolate; leaf blade linear to obovate; stipules membranous or hyaline. Inflorescence a cyme, terminal. Flowers numerous, 5-merous. Sepals hyaline, midvein not raised. Petals usually small, entire or 2-lobed. Stamens (2--)5. Ovary 1-loculed with few to many ovules; style undivided at apex. Fruit a capsule, 3-valved, few to several seeded. Seeds reniform, slightly flat.

About 50 species: mostly in the Old World tropics and subtropics, a few in the New World tropics; two species in China.

1Leaves linear or acicular, ca. 1 mm wide, longer than internodes at least near base, erect or recurved; sepals 2--3 mm; style short, 1/3--1/2 as long as ovary1  P. corymbosa    白鼓钉
+Leaves narrowly oblong to oblong, 1--3.5 mm wide, shorter than internodes, often mostly sharply reflexed at base; sepals ca. 4 mm; style 1--2 × as long as ovary2  P. gaudichaudii    大花白鼓钉
   Lower Taxon
  • Polycarpaea corymbosa  (Linnaeus) Lamarck  白鼓钉
  • Polycarpaea gaudichaudii  Gagnepain  大花白鼓钉