Flora of China
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   36. Oxygraphis  Bunge
鸦跖花属   ya zhi hua shu
Authors:Wang Wencai; Michio Tamura, Michael G. Gilbert


Herbs perennial, stemless, with short rhizomes. Leaves all basal, simple, petiolate, leaf blade undivided, indistinctly 3-lobed, or rarely 3-partite, margin crenate or entire, 3--5-veined. Inflorescence a solitary, scapose, terminal flower, rarely a 2- or 3-flowered monochasium. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic. Sepals 5--8, enlarged after flowering, green, persistent or rarely deciduous. Petals 5--19, yellow, oblong, shortly clawed, with a small nectary pit above base. Stamens numerous; filaments narrowly linear; anthers ellipsoid or oblong. Carpels numerous, spirally arranged on a convex receptacle; ovule 1 per carpel, erect. Style shorter than ovary; stigmatic surface adaxial. Aggregate fruit broadly ovoid; achenes ± bilaterally compressed, narrowly rhombic or subfusiform, longitudinally 1- or more veined on each side, with a persistent style at apex.

Four species: Bhutan, China, India, Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia; four species (two endemic) in China.

Oxygraphis is often included within Ranunculus .

1Scapes puberulent apically; sepals papery, deciduous1  O. delavayi    脱萼鸦跖花
+Scapes glabrous; sepals leathery or subleathery, persistent.(2)
2(1)Leaf blade orbicular, reniform, or ovate, base subcordate or truncate, margin crenate2  O. endlicheri    圆齿鸦跖花
+Leaf blade ovate, elliptic, or linear, base broadly cuneate or attenuate, margin entire or rarely crenate.(3)
3(2)Leaf blade ovate, broadly ovate, or elliptic, 0.5--3 × 0.5--3 cm, base broadly cuneate; flowers 1.5--3 cm in diam.; petals 12--193  O. glacialis    鸦跖花
+Leaf blade linear, linear-lanceolate, or lanceolate, 0.8--1.5 × 0.2--0.4 cm, base attenuate; flowers ca. 1 cm in diam.; petals 9--114  O. tenuifolia    小鸦跖花
   Lower Taxon
  • Oxygraphis delavayi  Franchet  脱萼鸦跖花
  • Oxygraphis glacialis  (Fischer ex de Candolle) Bunge  鸦跖花
  • Oxygraphis tenuifolia  W. E. Evans  小鸦跖花
  • Oxygraphis endlicheri  (Walpers) Bennet & Sumer Chandra  圆齿鸦跖花