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   12. Momordica  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 2: 1009. 1753.
苦瓜属   ku gua shu
Authors:Authors: Anmin Lu & Charles Jeffrey


Herbs, annual or perennial, scandent or creeping. Tendrils unbranched or 2-fid. Petiole usually glandular; leaf blade suborbicular or ovate-cordate, palmately 3-7-lobed, rarely undivided, entire or dentate. Plants dioecious or monoecious. Male flowers solitary or in a raceme; pedicel often with a large bract; bract orbicular-reniform; calyx tube short, campanulate or cupular; segments ovate, lanceolate, or oblong-lanceolate; corolla yellow or white, rotate or broadly campanulate, 5-lobed; segments obovate, oblong, or ovate-oblong; stamens (2 or)3(or 5); filaments short, free; anthers coherent at first, one 1-celled, other 2-celled; anther cells reflexed, straight, or curved; connective not produced; rudimentary ovary glandular or absent. Female flowers: ovary oblong or fusiform; style elongate; stigmas 3, undivided or 2-lobed; ovules numerous, horizontal. Fruit ovoid, oblong, elliptic, or fusiform, undivided or 3-valved, usually verrucose or spinescent. Seeds few or numerous, ovate or oblong, smooth or reticulate.

Forty-five species: most in tropical Africa, some cultivated in tropical regions; three species (one introduced) in China.

1Plants monoecious; bract on middle of male pedicel; leaf blade 5-7-partite; stamens 3; fruit fusiform or cylindric, verrucose.1  M. charantia    苦瓜
+Plants dioecious; bract at apex of male pedicel(2)
2(1)Petiole eglandular; anther cells conduplicate; fruit smaller than 5 cm, ovoid or ovoid-oblong, verrucose or longitudinally sulcate.2  M. subangulata    凹萼木鳖
+Petiole with 2-5 median glands; anther cells reflexed; fruit larger than 5 cm, ovoid, densely spinescent.3  M. cochinchinensis    木鳖子
   Lower Taxon
  • Momordica charantia  Linnaeus  苦瓜
  • Momordica cochinchinensis  (Loureiro) Sprengel  木鳖子
  • Momordica subangulata  Blume  凹萼木鳖
  • Momordica subangulata subsp. renigera  (Wallich ex G. Don) W. J. de Wilde  云南木鳖
  • Momordica subangulata subsp. subangulata    凹萼木鳖(原亚种)