Flora of China
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   11. Minuartia  Linnaeus
米努草属   mi nu cao shu
Authors:Lu Dequan; John McNeill


Herbs annual or perennial. Stems caespitose or solitary, prostrate; branches ascending or erect. Leaves linear, linear-subulate, or setaceous, 1- or 3-veined. Inflorescence cymose or flowers solitary. Sepals 5, 1- or 3-veined. Petals 5, white, rarely reddish, apex entire or emarginate. Stamens 10. Ovary 1-loculed; ovules numerous. Styles 3. Capsule narrowly ovoid or ovoid-cylindric, 3-valved. Seeds ovoid, reniform, or discoid; raphe sometimes tuberculate or fimbriate tuberculate.

About 120 species: Arctic regions to the Himalayas, also Chile (one species), Ethiopia, and Mexico; nine species in China.

1Plants annual; petals shorter than sepals1  M. regeliana    米努草
+Plants perennial; petals equaling or longer than sepals.(2)
2(1)Plants 10--30 cm tall.(3)
+Plants 3--10(--13) cm tall.(4)
3(2)Capsule ca. 2 × as long as sepals; sepal apex obtuse; seeds rugulose striate, raphe fimbriate tuberculate2  M. laricina    石米努草
+Capsule equaling sepals; sepal apex long acuminate; seeds subsmooth3  M. kryloviana    新疆米努草
4(2)Flowers solitary; sepals 5--7 mm, apex obtuse.(5)
+Flowers borne in sparse cymes; sepals 3--5 mm, rarely longer and then apex acute.(6)
5(4)Seed raphe bluntly tuberculate4  M. arctica    北极米努草
+Seed raphe fimbriate tuberculate5  M. macrocarpa    长百米努草
6(4)Petals subequaling sepals.(7)
+Petals 2--3 × as long as sepals.(8)
7(6)Petals oblong, base cuneate; sepal apex obtuse; seeds smooth or rugose6  M. biflora    二花米努草
+Petals ovate, base abruptly contracted into a very short claw; sepal apex acute to shortly acuminate; seeds sharply tuberculate7  M. verna    春米努草
8(6)Leaves 4--5(--10) mm; sepals lanceolate; capsule narrowly ellipsoid, subequaling sepals8  M. litwinowii    西北米努草
+Leaves 10--20 mm; sepals ovate-lanceolate; capsule ovoid, longer than sepals9  M. kashmirica    克什米尔米努草
   Lower Taxon
  • Minuartia laricina  (Linnaeus) Mattfeld  石米努草
  • Minuartia arctica  (Steven ex Seringe) Graebner  北极米努草
  • Minuartia biflora  (Linnaeus) Schinz & Thellung  二花米努草
  • Minuartia kashmirica  (Edgeworth) Mattfeld  克什米尔米努草
  • Minuartia kryloviana  Schischkin  新疆米努草
  • Minuartia litwinowii  Schischkin  西北米努草
  • Minuartia macrocarpa var. koreana  (Nakai) H. Hara  长百米努草
  • Minuartia regeliana  (Trautvetter) Mattfeld  米努草
  • Minuartia verna  (Linnaeus) Hiern  春米努草