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   23. Lychnis  Linnaeus
剪秋罗属   jian qiu luo shu
Authors:Lu Dequan; Magnus Lidén, Bengt Oxelman

Coronaria Guettard; Hedona Loureiro.


Herbs biennial or perennial. Stems erect. Leaves lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, apex acute. Inflorescence a dichasium or flower solitary. Calyx tubular to narrowly funnel-shaped or narrowly campanulate, usually not inflated, 10-veined, with 5 teeth. Petals 5, long clawed, limb white, pink, or red, entire, bifid, 4-fid, or laciniate; coronal scales present. Androgynophore ± conspicuous, glabrous. Stamens 10. Ovary 1-loculed; ovules numerous; styles 5, opposite calyx teeth, their bases persistent in fruit. Capsule septicidally dehiscing with 5 teeth. Seeds numerous, reniform, minute, ± tuberculate.

About 25 species: temperate Africa, Asia, and Europe; six species in China.

Lychnis coronaria (Linnaeus) Desrousseaux is cultivated in China for its attractive flowers.

Recently, Greuter (in Taxon 44: 543–581. 1995) placed Lychnis into the synonymy of Silene . However, Oxelman et al. (in Nordic J. Bot. 20: 513–518. 2001) showed that it is possible to retain Lychnis and several other genera (e.g., Atocion ) as separate from Silene in a taxonomy that is consistent with both the ability to diagnose taxa and solid, molecular-phylogenetic hypotheses. Some species, traditionally included in Lychnis, belong in Silene .

1Inflorescence a dense, corymblike dichasium1  L. chalcedonica    皱叶剪秋罗
+Inflorescence not corymblike.(2)
2(1)Petal limb unlobed, apex dentate5  L. coronata    剪春罗
+Petal limb lobed, apex dentate or entire.(3)
3(2)Petal limb 2-lobed with lateral, subulate teeth, apex obtuse.(4)
+Petal limb with several acute, ± irregular lobes.(5)
4(3)Petal limb crimson-red, not overlapping, bracts and calyx densely villous4  L. fulgens    剪秋罗
+Petal limb orange-red or reddish, obovate, overlapping, bracts and calyx laxly villous3  L. cognata    浅裂剪秋罗
5(3)Androgynophore ca. 10 mm or more6  L. senno    剪红纱花
+Androgynophore ca. 5 mm or less2  L. wilfordii    丝瓣剪秋罗
   Lower Taxon
  • Lychnis cognata  Maximowicz  浅裂剪秋罗
  • Lychnis coronata  Thunberg  剪春罗
  • Lychnis fulgens  Fischer ex Sprengel  剪秋罗
  • Lychnis chalcedonica  Linnaeus  皱叶剪秋罗
  • Lychnis senno  Siebold & Zuccarini  剪红纱花
  • Lychnis wilfordii  (Regel) Maximowicz  丝瓣剪秋罗