Flora of China
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   4. Leycesteria  Wallich in Roxburgh Fl. Ind. 2: 181. 1824.
鬼吹箫属   gui chui xiao shu


Shrubs, deciduous; branches hollow or with solid pith. Leaves simple, opposite, margin entire or serrate, occasionally sinuate; stipules present or absent. Inflorescence a spike or flowers in sessile whorls of 6, terminal or axillary, often with conspicuous leaflike involucral bracts. Sepals 5. Corolla 5-lobed, white, pink, purple-red, or orange-yellow, funnelform, regular; tube gibbous at base. Stamens 5; anthers dorsifixed. Ovary 5-, 7-, or 8-locular, with numerous ovules per locule; style long, slender; stigmas peltate or capitate. Fruit a berry, with persistent calyx; seeds minute, numerous.

Five species: Sino-Himalayan region; four species in China.

1Inflorescence a spike with flowers in pairs(2)
+Inflorescence with flowers in whorls of 6(3)
2(1)Interpetiolar stipules absent; petioles 5-10 mm; ovary glabrous, usually 7- or 8-locular.3  L. gracilis    纤细鬼吹箫
+Interpetiolar stipules present; petioles 2-4 mm; ovary pubescent at anthesis, usually 5-locular.4  L. glaucophylla    西域鬼吹箫
3(1)Interpetiolar stipules absent; branches hollow; abaxial leaf surfaces, petioles, and inflorescences sparsely adpressed pubescent or subglabrous.1  L. formosa    鬼吹箫
+Interpetiolar stipules present; branches with solid pith; abaxial leaf surfaces, petioles, and inflorescences densely lanate.2  L. stipulata    绵毛鬼吹箫
   Lower Taxon
  • Leycesteria formosa  Wallich in Roxburgh  鬼吹箫
  • Leycesteria gracilis  (Kurz) Airy Shaw  纤细鬼吹箫
  • Leycesteria stipulata  (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Fritsch in Engler & Prantl  绵毛鬼吹箫
  • Leycesteria glaucophylla  (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) C. B. Clarke in J. D. Hooker  西域鬼吹箫