Flora of China
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   4. Holboellia  Wallich
八月瓜属   ba yue gua shu


Woody climbers, evergreen or deciduous. Monoecious. Stems twining. Winter bud outer scales numerous, seriate. Leaves alternate, usually long petiolate; leaf blade palmately 3--9-foliolate or pinnately 3-foliolate; petiolules usually unequal with terminal one longest; leaflet margins entire. Inflorescences axillary, clustered, corymbiform racemes, rarely elongated racemes; several to many flowered. Sepals 6, greenish white or purple, oblong, slightly fleshy, outer 3 valvate, inner 3 usually smaller. Petals 6, minute, opposite stamens, rudimentarily nectariferous. Male flowers: stamens 6, free; connective apically appendaged or unappendaged. Pistillodes 3, minute. Female flowers: carpels 3, straight. Stigma terminal or oblique, often cleft. Fruit oblong to ellipsoid, fleshy, indehiscent. Seeds embedded in pulp.

Twenty species: SE Asia, China, Himalayas; nine species (five endemic) in China.

1Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate.(2)
+Leaves palmately 3--7(--9)-foliolate.(4)
2(1)Leaflets papery; outer sepals of male flower 1.6--1.8 cm3  H. brachyandra    短蕊八月瓜
+Leaflets subleathery to thick leathery; outer sepals of male flower to 1 cm.(3)
3(2)Leaflets thick leathery, abaxially farinaceous green; outer sepals of male flower to 1 cm1  H. coriacea    鹰爪枫
+Leaflets leathery to subleathery, abaxially pale green; outer sepals of male flower 3--7 mm2  H. parviflora    小花鹰爪枫
4(1)Stems and branches angular or narrowly winged.(5)
+Stems and branches terete, striate, neither angular nor winged.(6)
5(4)Veins of leaflets conspicuously impressed on adaxial surface; outer sepals of male flower 0.7--0.8 cm8  H. chapaensis    沙坝八月瓜
+Veins of leaflets prominent on both surfaces, sometimes plane but never impressed on adaxial surface; outer sepals of male flower 1.2--1.3 cm9  H. pterocaulis    棱茎八月瓜
6(4)Leaflets 4--14 × as long as wide (less than 2 × in subsp. obtusa)5  H. angustifolia    五月瓜藤
+Leaflets 1.5--2.5 × as long as wide.(7)
7(6)Outer sepals of male flower ca. 0.8 × 0.3 cm; petals orbicular7  H. medogensis    墨脱八月瓜
+Outer sepals of male flower 1.1--2.2 × 0.4--1 cm; petals not orbicular (sometimes suborbicular in H. grandiflora).(8)
8(7)Stamens ca. 1.5 cm, filaments ca. 1 cm; seeds black4  H. grandiflora    牛姆瓜
+Stamens 0.8--1.2 cm, filaments 0.5--7 cm; seeds brown6  H. latifolia    八月瓜
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