Flora of China
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   16. Hippobroma  G. Don Gen. Hist. 3: 698, 717. 1834.
马醉草属   ma zui cao shu
Authors:Authors: Deyuan Hong, Laura L. Klein & Thomas G. Lammers


Herbs, perennial. Roots coarse, thickened, fascicled. Leaves alternate, margin repand-dentate or repand-serrate, sometimes merely sinuate, teeth apiculate. Flowers large, fragrant, solitary, axillary; pedicels with 2 filiform bracteoles at base. Corolla salverform, white; tube entire; lobes monomorphic. Filament tube adnate to corolla; all anthers with apical tufts of stiff hairs; anther tube scarcely exserted. Fruit pendent, capsular, 2-locular, apically dehiscent by 2 valves. 2n = 28.

One species: native to Jamaica; widely introduced and naturalized in tropics and subtropics, including China.

   Lower Taxon
  • Hippobroma longiflora  (Linnaeus) G. Don  马醉草