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   1. Hemsleya  Cogniaux ex F. B. Forbes & Hemsley J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 23: 490. 1888.
雪胆属   xue dan shu
Authors:Authors: Anmin Lu & Charles Jeffrey


Herbs, perennial, scandent. Roots enlarged, oblate or rarely cylindric. Stem and branches slender or moderately robust. Tendrils filiform, 2-fid. Leaves pedately (3-)5-9(-11)-foliolate; leaflets narrowly oblong-lanceolate to obovate-lanceolate, membranous or papery. Plants dioecious. Inflorescence cymose-racemose to paniculate, axillary. Male flowers: calyx tube short; segments ovate to ovate-lanceolate, ascending, spreading, rotate, recurved, or reflexed; corolla pale yellow, yellow-green, or orange-red, rotate, discoid, turbinate, bowl-shaped, inverted bowl-shaped, Chinese lanternlike, or umbelliform; segments ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovoid, herbaceous or subsucculent; stamens 5; filaments exserted. Female flowers: calyx and corolla usually as in male flowers, sometimes slightly larger; ovary subglobose or conical, smooth or muriculate; styles 3; stigmas 2-lobed. Fruit globose, cylindric, or tubular-cylindric, longitudinally 9- or 10-striate or 9- or 10-angular, almost smooth or verrucose. Seeds elliptic or broadly ovate, usually with woody wings, sometimes wings membranous or absent.

About 27 species: subtropical or tropical Asia; 25 species (21 endemic) in China.

1Roots without tuber; seeds with broad membranous wing.1  H. graciliflora    马铜铃
+Roots with tuber (except possibly for H. heterosperma); seeds without wing or with thin woody wing(2)
2(1)Flower smaller, corolla 3-7 mm in diam(3)
+Flower larger, corolla 8-15 mm in diam(4)
3(2)Corolla bowl-shaped, 5-7 mm in diam.; petals fleshy; fruit conical to cylindric, 2.4-3.5 cm × 8-10 mm; seeds oblong-elliptic to ovate, with a corky wing.2  H. delavayi    短柄雪胆
+Corolla laxly patelliform, 3-5 mm in diam.; petals membranous-herbaceous; fruit obconic, 2-4 cm × 12-15 mm; seeds lenticular, ± isodiametric, unwinged.3  H. kunmingensis    昆明雪胆
4(2)Corolla segments spreading, explanate, or ascending, corolla bowl-shaped or rotate(5)
+Corolla segments reflexed or revolute, corolla umbelliform or ± globose(12)
5(4)Seeds strongly biconvex, almost without wing, margin slightly broad, 1-1.3(-2) mm; fruit conical to terete-elliptic(6)
+Seeds oblong, lenticular, or strongly biconvex, margin narrower, less than 1 mm in diam.; fruit globose, narrowly elliptic, or narrowly conical(8)
6(5)Corolla 15-20 cm, yellow-green, segments broadly ovate.6  H. panlongqi    盘龙七
+Corolla 10-13 cm, green or pale green, segments strap-shaped; fruit conical or terete-conical(7)
7(6)Corolla segments ascending; flower buds obtuse at apex.4  H. macrocarpa    圆锥果雪胆
+Corolla segments spreading or reflexed; flower buds acute at apex.5  H. mitrata    帽果雪胆
8(5)Seeds oblong, with thin corky wing; fruit narrowly elliptic to narrowly conical.7  H. dipterygia    翼蛇莲
+Seeds biconvex, without wing; fruit globose or conical(9)
9(8)Seeds lenticular; corolla bowl-shaped.11  H. sphaerocarpa    蛇莲
+Seeds ovate to orbicular; corolla rotate(10)
10(9)Fruit globose, pedicel with an articulation.8  H. amabilis    曲莲
+Fruit conical or cylindric, pedicel without an articulation(11)
11(10)Fruit apex with distinct style; corolla segments lanceolate.9  H. heterosperma    异子雪胆
+Fruit apex without distinct style; corolla segments ovate-orbicular.10  H. lijiangensis    丽江雪胆
12(4)Seed margin narrower; corolla red-brown or pale red-brown, base often dark red-brown(13)
+Seed margin smooth; corolla pale yellow or yellow-green(18)
13(12)Leaflets 9-11; corolla bowl-shaped, 8-10 mm in diam.25  H. endecaphylla    十一叶雪胆
+Leaflets (3-)5-9(14)
14(13)Corolla Chinese lanternlike(15)
+Corolla bowl-shaped (H. dulongjiangensis corolla unknown)(16)
15(14)Fruit elliptic; corolla 10-15 mm in diam.20  H. chinensis    雪胆
+Fruit ovoid to globose; corolla 20-25 mm in diam.21  H. gigantha    巨花雪胆
16(14)Fruit elliptic, 5-8 cm; seed margin erose.22  H. dolichocarpa    长果雪胆
+Fruit ovoid to globose, 3-4 cm(17)
17(16)Seed margin smooth; fruiting pedicel with an articulation; leaflets 5-7, elliptic-lanceolate.23  H. macrosperma    罗锅底
+Seeds margin erose; fruiting pedicel without an articulation; leaflets 3-5, rhombic.24  H. dulongjiangensis    独龙江雪胆
18(12)Fruit globose or subglobose(19)
+Fruit conical or elliptic to claviform-elliptic(21)
19(18)Corolla umbelliform, 10-12 mm in diam.; fruiting pedicel with an articulation.12  H. panacis-scandens    藤三七雪胆
+Corolla Chinese lanternlike or bowl-shaped, 6-12 mm in diam(20)
20(19)Corolla Chinese lanternlike; fruit 2-2.5 cm in diam.13  H. emeiensis    峨眉雪胆
+Corolla bowl-shaped; fruit 3-3.5 cm in diam.14  H. pengxianensis    彭县雪胆
21(18)Fruit elliptic or claviform, over 7 cm(22)
+Fruit conical to elliptic, 3.5-5 cm(23)
22(21)Fruit narrowly elliptic-claviform, distinctly longitudinally costate, 7-8 cm, pedicel with indistinct articulation.18  H. chengyihana    征镒雪胆
+Fruit broadly to narrowly elliptic, indistinctly costate, (6-)11-17 cm, pedicel with distinct articulation.19  H. zhejiangensis    浙江雪胆
23(21)Corolla bowl-shaped, segments carnose, 8-9 mm; fruit elliptic to ovoid.17  H. carnosiflora    肉花雪胆
+Corolla Chinese lanternlike, segments thinner(24)
24(23)Fruit conical, base cuneate; corolla segments 14-17 mm.15  H. turbinata    陀罗果雪胆
+Fruit elliptic; base obtuse; corolla segments 10-15 mm.16  H. ellipsoidea    椭圆果雪胆
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