Flora of China
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   37. Halerpestes  E. L. Greene
碱毛茛属   jian mao gen shu
Authors:Wang Wencai; Michio Tamura


Herbs perennial, small, usually with slender creeping stolons. Leaves all basal or at nodes of stolons, leaf blade simple, undivided, dentate or 3-lobed to 3-sect. Scapes naked or with a linear bract. Inflorescence a solitary terminal flower or a 2- or 3-flowered monochasium. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic. Sepals 5, deciduous. Petals 5--12, yellow, narrowly obovate, shortly clawed at base, with a nectary pit above base. Stamens numerous or few; anthers ellipsoid. Carpels numerous, spirally arranged on a conical receptacle; ovules 1 per carpel. Aggregate fruit globose or ovoid; achenes bilaterally compressed, with 2 or 3 longitudinal thin ribs on each side; style persistent, straight or curved.

About ten species: temperate Asia, North & South America; five species (one endemic) in China.

Halerpestes is sometimes placed within Ranunculus .

1Gynoecium and aggregate fruit ovoid.(2)
+Gynoecium and aggregate fruit globose.(3)
2(1)Scape 3--16 cm; leaf blade 0.5--2 cm; petals 5; stamens (6--)14--204  H. sarmentosa    碱毛茛
+Scape 6--24 cm; leaf blade 1.2--4.8 cm; petals 6--12; stamens 50--785  H. ruthenica    长叶碱毛茛
3(1)Stolons absent; basal leaves ovate, 3-sect, lateral segments unequally 2-sect, ultimate segments linear3  H. filisecta    丝裂碱毛茛
+Stolons present; basal leaves 3-lobed to 3-sect, or undivided, if 3-sect then lateral segments usually undivided or sometimes with a short lobule.(4)
4(3)Basal leaves all or some rhombic, broadly cuneate, or pentagonal, 3-lobed, to 3-sect1  H. tricuspis    三裂碱毛茛
+Basal leaves oblanceolate, oblong, or linear, undivided, margin 3-dentate near apex or entire2  H. lancifolia    狭叶碱毛茛
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