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   32. Gymnostachyum  Nees in Wallich Pl. Asiat. Rar. 3: 76, 106. 1832.
裸柱草属   luo zhu cao shu
Authors:Authors: Jia-qi Hu & Thomas F. Daniel

Cryptophragmium Nees; Sarcanthera Rafinesque.


Herbs, perennial [or shrubs], with cystoliths. Leaves cauline or subradical, opposite; leaf blade margin usually entire. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, spikes, racemes, or panicles, often secund; bracts and bracteoles shorter than calyx. Calyx 5-lobed nearly to base; lobes subequal. Corolla tube longer than limb, basal portion narrowly cylindric, ± expanded distally into a throat; limb 2-lipped, lower lip 3-lobed, upper lip emarginate to 2-lobed; lobes ascending cochlear in bud. Stamens 2, included in or slightly exserted from corolla tube; anther thecae 2, equal or subequal in size, parallel, one or both mucronate at base; staminodes absent. Ovary with 3 to many ovules per locule; stigma 2-lobed, lobes compressed. Capsule without a stipe, linear, 4-angled, many seeded; retinacula present. Seeds compressed, covered with hygroscopic trichomes.

About 30 species: tropical Asia; three species (two endemic) in China.

1Stems very short; leaves in a basal rosette.1  G. subrosulatum    矮裸柱草
+Stems elongate; leaves cauline(2)
2(1)Inflorescences axillary.2  G. listeri    云南裸柱草
+Inflorescences terminal.3  G. sinense    华裸柱草
   Lower Taxon
  • Gymnostachyum sinense  (H. S. Lo) H. Chu  华裸柱草
  • Gymnostachyum subrosulatum  H. S. Lo  矮裸柱草
  • Gymnostachyum listeri  Prain  云南裸柱草