Flora of China
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   9. Gymnospermium  Spach Hist. Nat. Vég. Phan. 8: 66. 1839.
牡丹草属   mu dan cao shu
Authors:Authors: Junsheng Ying, David E. Boufford & Anthony R. Brach


Herbs, perennial, glabrous. Tuber subglobose or irregular; stem erect, herbaceous, branchless. Stem with 1 terminal leaf, bi- or triternate, rarely trifoliolate; leaflets thinly herbaceous, slightly pruinose. Inflorescence simple, racemose, terminal. Pedicel with bract at base. Flowers yellow. Sepals 6, petaloid. Petals 6, nectary-like, much shorter than sepals. Stamens distinct, opposite petals and equal in number; anthers dehiscing by 2 apical flaps. Pistil simple; ovary 1-loculed; ovules 2-4; placentation basal; style short or slender; stigma truncate. Capsule less than 8 mm in diam., valved. Seeds 2-4; aril whitish. x = 8.

Six to eight species: north temperate zone; three species (one endemic) in China.

1Leaves bipinnate or tripinnate; inflorescence 13-16-flowered; pedicel 3-4 cm; sepals 7-10 mm.1  G. kiangnanense    江南牡丹草
+Leaves trifoliolate; inflorescence 5-10-flowered; pedicel 1-2.5 cm; sepals 5-8 mm(2)
2(1)Leaflets 3-divided; ovules 2 or 3; pedicel 2-2.5 cm.2  G. microrrhynchum    牡丹草
+Leaflets palmately 5-divided; ovules 4; pedicel ca. 1 cm.3  G. altaicum    阿尔泰牡丹草
   Lower Taxon
  • Gymnospermium altaicum  (Pallas) Spach  阿尔泰牡丹草
  • Gymnospermium kiangnanense  (P. L. Chiu) H. Loconte  江南牡丹草
  • Gymnospermium microrrhynchum  (S. Moore) Takhtajan  牡丹草