Flora of China
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   9. Eranthis  Salisbury
菟葵属   tu kui shu
Authors:Li Liangqian; Michio Tamura

Cammarum Hill, nom. rej.


Herbs perennial, with tuberous rhizomes. Basal leaves 1 or 2, or absent, long petiolate, palmately divided. Scape unbranched; bracts several, verticillate, forming an involucre. Flower solitary, terminal, actinomorphic. Sepals 5--8, yellow, white, or pink-red, petaloid, oblong, elliptic, or ovate, caducous. Petals 5--8, tubular, small, shortly stalked, slightly concave or 2-fid, sometimes with sterile anthers. Stamens 10 or numerous; filaments narrowly linear, 1-veined; anthers ellipsoid or orbicular. Follicles 4--9, rarely more, usually stalked. Seeds many in a follicle, compressed globose, smooth or reticulate.

About eight species: Asia, Europe; three species (two endemic) in China.

1Bracts lobed; lobes ovate1  E. lobulata    浅裂菟葵
+Bracts parted; lobes linear or lanceolate.(2)
2(1)Pedicel glabrous; sepals white; carpels 4 or 5, sessile, glabrous2  E. albiflora    白花菟葵
+Pedicel pubescent; sepals yellow; carpels 6--9, shortly stalked, pubescent3  E. stellata    菟葵
   Lower Taxon
  • Eranthis albiflora  Franchet  白花菟葵
  • Eranthis lobulata  W. T. Wang  浅裂菟葵
  • Eranthis lobulata var. elatior  W. T. Wang  高浅裂菟葵
  • Eranthis stellata  Maximowicz  菟葵
  • Eranthis lobulata var. lobulata    浅裂菟葵(原变种)