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   4. Dipsacus  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 1: 97. 1753.
川续断属   chuan xu duan shu


Herbs, biennial or perennial. Stems erect, angulate and sulcate, usually echinulate or hispid along ridges. Basal leaves long petiolate, entire, 3-cleft, or pinnatipartite, usually dentate or lobed. Cauline leaves opposite, sessile or petiolate, usually 3-5-lobed, sometimes pinnatipartite or entire, both surfaces usually hispid, but glabrous or papillate-echinulate in some species. Capitula terminal, oblong, globose, or ovoid-globose; involucral bracts erect or spreading, leaflike, 1- or 2-layered, rostrate; involucels 4-8-ribbed, adnate to ovary; flowers bisexual. Calyx actinomorphic, shallowly disciform, 4-lobed, white pubescent. Corolla tubular, 4-lobed; lobes unequal in size. Stamens 4, inserted at corolla tube, alternate with corolla lobes. Gynoecium of 2 carpels; ovary inferior, enveloped by involucel; ovule solitary, pendulous, anatropous; style filiform; stigma oblique or lateral. Achenes surmounted with persistent calyx, enveloped by leathery involucel. Seed coat membranous; embryo imbedded in endosperm.

About 20 species: N Africa, Asia, Europe; seven species (two endemic) in China.

1Stems glabrous; bract rostra 1.5-3 mm.1  D. azureus    天蓝续断
+Stems ± spiny; bract rostra 3-11 mm(2)
2(1)Heads oblong-spherical, 2.5-7 × 2-4.9 cm; bract rostra 5-11 mm; corolla tube 3.5-5 mm(3)
+Heads spherical, 1.5-3 × 1.5-3.2 cm; bract rostra 3-5 mm; corolla tube 2-2.5 mm(5)
3(2)Corolla black-purple, tube ca. 3.5 mm; bract rostra ca. 5 mm.4  D. atratus    紫花续断
+Corolla white or yellowish, tube 3.5-5 mm; bract rostra 5-11 mm(4)
4(3)Segments of cauline leaves 1-3-paired; heads 2-3.5 cm in diam.; leaves hirsute, especially along veins, abaxially2  D. inermis    藏续断
+Segments of cauline leaves more than 3-paired; heads usually 3.5-4.9 cm in diam.; leaves spiny abaxially.3  D. chinensis    大头续断
5(2)Corolla black-purple.6  D. atropurpureus    深紫续断
+Corolla white, yellow, or pink(6)
6(5)Corolla white or yellow; plant perennial; roots fleshy and fusiform.5  D. asper    川续断
+Corolla pink; plant biennial; roots ± lignified, not fleshy.7  D. japonicus    日本续断
   Lower Taxon
  • Dipsacus atropurpureus  C. Y. Cheng & Z. T. Yin  深紫续断
  • Dipsacus chinensis  Batalin  大头续断
  • Dipsacus inermis  Wallich  藏续断
  • Dipsacus japonicus  Miquel  日本续断
  • Dipsacus asper  Wallich ex C. B. Clarke  川续断
  • Dipsacus atratus  J. D. Hooker & Thomson ex C. B. Clarke  紫花续断
  • Dipsacus azureus  Schrenk in Fischer & C. A. Meyer  天蓝续断