Flora of China
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   35. Cucurbita  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 2: 1010. 1753.
南瓜属   nan gua shu
Authors:Authors: Anmin Lu & Charles Jeffrey

Pepo Miller.


Herbs, climbing or prostrate, annual. Stem and branches robust. Tendrils 2- to many fid. Leaf blade lobed, base cordate. Plants monoecious; flowers solitary, yellow. Male flowers: calyx tube campanulate, rarely elongate; segments 5, lanceolate or leaflike at apex; corolla campanulate, 5-lobed; stamens 3; filaments free; anthers connected into a head, one 1-celled, two 2-celled; anther cells linear, reflexed; connective not produced; pistillode absent. Female peduncle short; calyx and corolla as in male flowers; staminodes 3, broadly triangular; ovary oblong or globose, with 3-5-placentas; ovules numerous, horizontal; style short; stigmas 3-5-lobed or bifurcate. Fruit large, fleshy, indehiscent. Seeds numerous, compressed, smooth.

About 15 species: warm regions of the Americas, also cultivated in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions; three species (all introduced) in China.

1Calyx segments linear, apex leaflike; fruiting pedicel conspicuously enlarged at apex; seed margin thickened.3  C. moschata    南瓜
+Calyx segments linear or linear-lanceolate, apex not leaflike; fruiting pedicel not strongly enlarged at apex(2)
2(1)Leaf blade triangular or ovate-triangular, irregularly 5-7-lobed; calyx segments linear-lanceolate; fruiting pedicel angular-sulcate, slightly thickened at apex; seed marginate and obtuse.1  C. pepo    西葫芦
+Leaf blade reniform or orbicular, almost entire or dentate; calyx segments lanceolate; fruiting pedicel not angular-sulcate, not thickened at apex; seed margin obtuse or ± marginate.2  C. maxima    笋瓜
   Lower Taxon
  • Cucurbita maxima  Duchesne  笋瓜
  • Cucurbita moschata  Duchesne  南瓜
  • Cucurbita pepo  Linnaeus  西葫芦