Flora of China
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   26. Cucumis  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 2: 1011. 1753.
黄瓜属   huang gua shu
Authors:Authors: Anmin Lu & Charles Jeffrey


Herbs, scandent or creeping, annual. Stem and branches scabrous, hispid. Tendrils slender, simple. Leaf blade almost orbicular, reniform, or cordate-ovate, undivided or palmately 3-7-lobed. Plants monoecious, rarely dioecious, or flowers hermaphroditic. Male flowers fascicled or solitary; calyx tube campanulate, 5-lobed; segments subulate; corolla rotate or subcampanulate, 5-lobed; segments oblong or ovate; stamens 3, free, inserted on corolla tube; anthers oblong, one 1-celled, two 2-celled; anther cells linear, reflexed or curved; connective produced; rudimentary ovary glandular. Female flowers solitary or fascicled; calyx and corolla as in male flowers; staminodes 3, subulate; ovary cylindric; ovules numerous, horizontal; style short; stigmas 3-5. Fruit polymorphic, fleshy, indehiscent, smooth or verrucose. Seeds numerous, compressed, emarginate.

About 32 species: tropical and temperate regions, most species in Africa; four species in China.

1Fruit smooth; ovary hairy.1  C. melo    甜瓜
+Fruit and ovary muriculate or verrucose or sparsely tuberculate, not hairy(2)
2(1)Fruit oblong or cylindric, (5-)10-50 cm.2  C. sativus    黄瓜
+Fruit oblong, smaller than 5 cm(3)
3(2)Fruit oblong, at least twice as long as broad, muricate.3  C. hystrix    野黄瓜
+Fruit obovoid, only slightly longer than broad, sparsely obscurely tuberculate.4  C. debilis    滇黄瓜
   Lower Taxon
  • Cucumis hystrix  Chakravarty  野黄瓜
  • Cucumis melo  Linnaeus  甜瓜
  • Cucumis sativus  Linnaeus  黄瓜
  • Cucumis sativus var. hardwickii  (Royle) Gabaev  西南野黄瓜
  • Cucumis melo subsp. agrestis  (Naudin) Pangalo in Zhukovskii  菜瓜
  • Cucumis sativus var. sativus    黄瓜(原变种)
  • Cucumis melo subsp. melo    甜瓜(原亚种)
  • Cucumis debilis  W. J. de Wilde & Duyfjes  滇黄瓜