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   68. Chorispora  R. Brown ex de Candolle
离子芥属   li zi jie shu

Chorispermum W. T. Aiton, nom. rej.


Herbs annual or perennial. Trichomes stalked, glandular, mixed with eglandular simple ones. Stems leafy or not. Basal leaves petiolate, rosulate or not, sinuate-dentate, pinnatifid, or pinnatisect, rarely entire. Cauline leaves absent or shortly petiolate, not auriculate, similar to basal ones. Racemes ebracteate, elongated in fruit, rarely flowers solitary on long pedicels from axils of rosette leaves. Sepals ovate, oblong, or linear, erect, base of lateral pair strongly saccate. Petals yellow or purple or lavender, much longer than sepals; blade broadly obovate, obcordate or rarely oblanceolate, apex emarginate or rarely obtuse; claws strongly differentiated from blade. Stamens 6, strongly tetradynamous; filaments not dilated at base; anthers narrowly oblong or linear, obtuse at apex. Nectar glands 2 or 4, lateral, intrastaminal or 1 on each side of lateral stamen; median glands absent. Ovules (5-)10-25(-30) per ovary. Fruit breaking into 1-seeded units, lomentaceous, linear, terete, sessile, slightly to strongly torulose or submoniliform; units indehiscent, with a thick corky or woody wall; replum flattened, persisting after segments fall off; septum becoming corky and splitting at middle; style 1.5-21 mm, beaklike; stigma conical, 2-lobed, lobes decurrent, strongly connivent. Seeds uniseriate, wingless, oblong; not mucilaginous when wetted; cotyledons accumbent.

Eleven species: primarily C and SW Asia; eight species (one endemic) in China.

1Plants annual; flowering stems leafy.(2)
+Plants perennial with a caudex; flowering stems leafless or rarely 1-leaved, or flowers solitary.(4)
2(1)Flowers purple; fruit slightly torulose3  C. tenella    离子芥
+Flowers yellow; fruit strongly torulose.(3)
3(2)Petals narrowly oblanceolate, 3-4 × 0.7-1 mm, rounded at apex; anthers 0.5-0.9 mm; style 2-4 mm in fruit; fruiting pedicels suberect or ascending, subappressed2  C. tashkorganica    塔什离子芥
+Petals broadly obovate, 6-20 × 3-7 mm, apex emarginate; anthers 1.5-2 mm; style 5-25 mm in fruit; fruiting pedicels divaricate or recurved1  C. sibirica    西伯利亚离子芥
4(1)All flowers borne on solitary pedicels arising from basal rosette4  C. bungeana    高山离子芥
+Flowers always in racemes.(5)
5(4)Flowers purple.(6)
+Flowers yellow.(7)
6(5)Sepals 3-4 mm; petals 6-10 mm; pedicel 0.3-1(-1.5) cm; fruiting style 1.5-3 mm6  C. sabulosa    砂生离子芥
+Sepals 6-7 mm; petals 15-18 mm; pedicel (1.7-)2-3.5(-5.5) cm; fruiting style 5-7 mm5  C. greigii    具葶离子芥
7(5)Leaves pinnatisect; petals 12-15 × 5-7 mm; sepals oblong, 5.5-7 mm7  C. songarica    准噶尔离子芥
+Leaves subentire, sinuate-dentate, or pinnatifid; petals 5-8(-10) × 2-4 mm; sepals ovate, 2-3(-3.5) mm8  C. macropoda    小花离子芥
   Lower Taxon
  • Chorispora bungeana  Fischer & C. A. Meyer  高山离子芥
  • Chorispora greigii  Regel  具葶离子芥
  • Chorispora macropoda  Trautvetter  小花离子芥
  • Chorispora sibirica  (Linnaeus) de Candolle  西伯利亚离子芥
  • Chorispora tenella  (Pallas) de Candolle  离子芥
  • Chorispora tashkorganica  Al-Shehbaz et al.  塔什离子芥
  • Chorispora sabulosa  Cambessèdes  砂生离子芥
  • Chorispora songarica  Schrenk  准噶尔离子芥