Flora of China
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   247. Centipeda  Loureiro Fl. Cochinch. 2: 492. 1790.
石胡荽属   shi hu sui shu
Authors:Authors: Zhu Shi & Michael G. Gilbert

Myriogyne Lessing.


Annual or perennial herbs. Leaves alternate, entire or coarsely toothed. Capitula apparently axillary, solitary or in monochasial cymes, sometimes grouped into racemelike synflorescence, sessile or shortly pedunculate, heterogamous and discoid. Involucre small, hemispheric; phyllaries in 1 or 2 series, subequal, herbaceous, margins scarious. Receptacle flat or convex, naked. Marginal florets female, in several rows, fertile; corolla minute, tubular, obscurely 3-lobed, creamy white, pale yellow, green, or purplish. Disk florets few, bisexual; corolla campanulate, 4-lobed, similar in color, glabrous. Anthers obtuse at base. Style branches of disk florets short, truncate. Achenes scarcely compressed, obtusely 3- or 4-ribbed or -angled; corona absent.

Ten species: all species in Australia and New Zealand, one species extending to South America, one species extending to Papua New Guinea, and one weedy species extending to Asia and the Pacific Islands, including China.



   Lower Taxon
  • Centipeda minima  (Linnaeus) A. Braun & Ascherson  石胡荽