Flora of China
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   4. Campanumoea  Blume Bijdr. 726. 1826.
金钱豹属   jin qian bao shu
Authors:Authors: Deyuan Hong, Thomas G. Lammers & Laura L. Klein


Herbs, perennial. Roots thickened, carrot-shaped. Stems voluble. Leaves opposite or alternate. Flowers solitary, axillary or almost opposite to leaves, or in cymes of 3, pedicellate, 4-7-merous. Calyx tube (hypanthium) adnate to ovary to different extents, or free from ovary. Corolla epigynous; tube obvious; limb 5(or 6)-lobed. Stamens 5; filaments glabrous or hairy. Ovary completely inferior, or inferior only to corolla but inferior, semi-inferior, or superior to calyx, 3-6-locular; style glabrous or hairy; stigma 3-6-fid. Berry globose, apically flat. Seeds numerous.

Two species: Bhutan, China, NE India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam; two species in China.

1Leaves opposite; calyx nearly completely hypogynous but corolla epigynous.1  C. javanica    金钱豹
+Leaves alternate; both calyx and corolla epigynous.2  C. inflata    藏南金钱豹
   Lower Taxon
  • Campanumoea inflata  (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) C. B. Clarke in J. D. Hooker  藏南金钱豹
  • Campanumoea javanica  Blume  金钱豹
  • Campanumoea javanica subsp. japonica  (Makino) D. Y. Hong  小花金钱豹
  • Campanumoea javanica subsp. javanica    金钱豹(原亚种)