Flora of China
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   93. Berteroella  O. E. Schulz
锥果芥属   zhui guo jie shu


Herbs annual, canescent or pale green. Trichomes short-stalked or subsessile, stellate, 4-6-rayed. Stems erect, often simple basally, branched apically. Basal leaves absent by flowering. Cauline leaves sessile, cuneate or attenuate, not auriculate, entire. Racemes several flowered, dense, ebracteate. Fruiting pedicels slender, subappressed. Sepals narrowly oblong, ascending, pubescent, base of lateral pair subsaccate. Petals white or light pink, ascending, longer than sepals; blade oblong-obovate or oblanceolate, apex obtuse; claw obsolete. Stamens 6, erect, slightly tetradynamous; median filament pairs strongly flattened and nearly winged basally; anthers oblong, sagittate at base, obtuse at apex. Nectar glands 4, 1 on each side of lateral stamen; median glands absent. Ovules 6-14 per ovary. Fruit dehiscent siliques, linear, terete, sessile; valves papery, with a distinct midvein, stellate, torulose; replum rounded; septum complete, membranous, without 2 longitudinal veins; style to 2.5 mm, filiform; stigma capitate, entire. Seeds uniseriate, wingless, oblong, plump; seed coat smooth, minutely reticulate, not mucilaginous when wetted; cotyledons incumbent.

One species: China, Japan, Korea.

   Lower Taxon
  • Berteroella maximowiczii  (Palibin) O. E. Schulz  锥果芥