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   1. Acanthocalyx  (Candolle) Tieghem Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 9. 10: 199. 1909.
刺续断属   ci xu duan shu

Morina sect. Acanthocalyx Candolle, Prodr. 4: 645. 1830.


Taproots fleshy, branching. Caudexes short, woody, often covered with remnants of old leaf bases. Flowering stems emerging below rosettes, usually with 2 bilateral lines of hairs on internodes. Cauline leaves opposite; petioles joined, forming a sheath. Inflorescences subcapitate, often with 1 or more whorls of flowers below primary head; involucral bracts free, connate or sheathing at base; flowers sessile; involucels campanulate, very fragile and papery at anthesis, enlarging and becoming ± leathery in fruit, persistent, with several to numerous teeth. Calyx tubular, oblique at mouth, with a ventral fissure, often with 2 lateral and 3 posterior subspinose teeth. Corolla tubular, somewhat swollen below limb, with 2 posterior and 3 anterior spreading lobes. Stamens 4, ± equal, inserted just below swollen part of corolla tube. Style equal to or exceeding corolla tube in length; stigma disk-shaped; ovary 1-loculed; ovule pendulous. Achenes smooth or rugose, apex somewhat cup-shaped.

Two species: Himalaya and the Hengduan Mountains; two species in China.

1Corolla pink or purple; leaf blade elliptic, lanceolate, or linear-lanceolate; calyx 7-15 mm.1  A. nepalensis    刺续断
+Corolla white or yellowish white; leaf blade linear or linear-lanceolate; calyx 4-7 mm.2  A. alba    白花刺续断
   Lower Taxon
  • Acanthocalyx nepalensis  (D. Don) M. J. Cannon  刺续断
  • Acanthocalyx alba  (Handel-Mazzetti) M. J. Cannon  白花刺续断
  • Acanthocalyx nepalensis subsp. delavayi  (Franchet) D. Y. Hong  大花刺参
  • Acanthocalyx nepalensis subsp. nepalensis    刺续断(原亚种)